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College Campus Reviews
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Welcome to campusreviews!

About This Community

Lots of us are trying to find the "perfect" college, but most can't visit every single school on our list. Because of that, we need to rely on each other for information about the schools we're interested in, especially when it comes to what campuses are like.

You can use this community to post reviews of all of the different college campuses you've visited. You can review local schools, colleges your siblings or friends go to, ones you've just passed through, those you're looking at attending yourself, or for any other reason you want. Most importantly, you can read through reviews other students/parents have written in order to see what they have to say about your college picks!

Posting Reviews

When posting, please use the following format:

College name:
Time of visit:
Reason for visit:
Pictures (optional):

If you can, try to cover as many areas as possible, including cafeterias (and food), libraries, athletic fields and complexes, public transportation, the neighborhood/surrounding city, the student body and staff, and anything else you think is important. Anything you can share is appreciated!


• In order to keep the length of entries manageable, as well as make it easier for me (the maintainer) to add entries to the Memories, please do not review more than four colleges per entry.

• All pictures, unless you are simply linking to them, must go behind LJ-CUTs. (See below for more information about posting pictures, including uploading and displaying them.)

• Any long entries or entries with more than one review must go behind cuts, as well.

Reading Reviews

To make finding reviews as easy as possible, this community uses its Memories as a directory. You can access the Memories at the following URL:


Alternatively, you can use the browsing tags found on the left-hand side of the community's main page.

Also, if you can't travel to campuses but would like to "virtually visit" them, you can find a list of colleges that offer free DVDs, CD-ROMs, and VHS cassettes here.

Community Guidelines

This is a very relaxed community. All I ask is that you:

1) Stay on-topic — if it's not about campuses, it doesn't belong here!
2) Don't post promotions for other communities — try community_promo for that.
3) Don't flame (though, really, why would you?).
4) Absolutely no marquees or wildly blinking images. Those of us with visual impairment thank you.

That's it! Just some common sense rules; nothing major at all.

Maintainer Info

This community is maintained by beginning (Ashley). If you need to reach her about something, please use her USERNAMEHERE@LiveJournal.com e-mail address.

Other Communities

Other communities of interest include:

college_help, sat_help, transferstudent, commcolleges, womenscolleges, allaboutcollege, gedhelp, undergraduates, disabledstudent, vegan_in_school, backtoschool, collegedorming, collegetextbook, dorm_cooking, student_cooks, student_parents, and student_travel.

Note About Pictures

A lot of members have taken pictures of campuses during their visits and want to share them. Directions on how to display images in entries can be found here.

If you would like to share your pictures but do not have reliable image hosting available, you can e-mail your pictures to beginningREMOVETHIS@LiveJournal.com. I can then upload the pictures to my LiveJournal Paid Account image hosting space for you (with full credit, of course), which means no dreaded red boxes or slow loading time — ever!

Also, you may want to share your pictures with campus_pix, our sibling community. If you post your pictures over there, you can simply make a link to your campus_pix post in your campusreviews post (and vice versa), or you can display them in both places. Do whatever works best for you.
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